The Royal Hibernian Academy’s 188th Exhibition

Twelve and a Half, Oil on Canvas, 20cm x 20cm, 2018
Currently on show in the RHA’s 188th Annual Exhibition (Photography Dickon Whitehead, 2018)

My portrait ‘Twelve and a Half’ was selected for the 188th Annual Exhibition at the RHA. I first saw the show on Varnishing Day with fellow friends and artists Lorna Watkins and Kaye Maahs, both of whom have stunning work in the exhibition. Be sure to seek them out when making a visit to the gallery between now and August 11th and spend time browsing the walls and floors and soaking up the diverse range of outstanding work the exhibition offers. I was going to try and list my favourites but there are just too many! You can read  Gemma Tipton’s review featured in The Irish Times by clicking on the following link (I’m delighted and most thankful to be able to say that ‘Twelve and a Half’ gets a mention!)

The Irish Times – RHA Annual, No Wallflowers at this Roudy Art Party