‘Fifteen’ An Article by Angela Griffith in the Irish Arts Review

An article on ‘Fifteen’ written by Angela Griffith for the Irish Arts Review Winter Edition 2021

I am very proud to be able to say that my portrait ‘Fifteen’ won the Irish Arts Review, Ireland-U.S.Council Award for Portraiture at the Royal Hibernian Academy’s annual exhibition this year. Part of the award is an article featuring the portrait in the Irish Arts Review and here it is!

I was interviewed by Angela Griffith (author of the article) from the Department of Art & Architecture, trinity College, Dublin. The conversation we had was a rare opportunity for me to discuss my work with someone who possesses such a breadth of knowledge and it offered me much food for thought regarding my work, my practice and the wider context. She has written a carefully considered and insightful piece. It is an honour indeed to see my work presented in this way and one that I am truly grateful for.

Cover of The Irish Arts Review Winter Edition 2021